alisha manuel, nurse, r.n.

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District Policy states that students are not allowed to carry of bring medication to school (this includes OTC medications).  All medication must be brought in the original container to the clinic by a parent or guardian.  Parents must fill out a permission form to administer medication in the clinic.

ALC adheres to all CFISD health and medication guidelines.  All medications must be kept in the clinic.  Students are not permitted to have medication in their possession.  This includes prescription and/or non-prescription medicines (aspirin, cough drops, nose sprays, lip balm, allergy/cold, Epi-pen, Asthma inhalers, etc.).  If your students requires an Ace wrap, splint, crutches, brace, etc., medical documentation must be provided stating a medical device is needed.

For District Medication Requirements (click here)

For Immunization Requirements (click here)

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